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Fun Things To Do This Summer on the Eastern Shore 

Sailing on the Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is your window to water and waterfront adventure all summer long in this breathtaking part of the country. Talbot County & Queen Anne’s County have over eight hundred miles of waterfront on the Chesapeake Bay. There are festivals and annual events along with hiking, boating, golfing, bird watching, and fishing [...]

Should I Refinance?

Could Refinancing Save Me Money?


I seem to get this question a lot these days and it is a question that has no simple answer. One easy way to approach it is to look at the interest savings relative to the costs

On average it costs .75% or less plus appraisal to do it.  Let’s be liberal on expenses and say 1%. 
On a $400,000 mortgage that would be $4,000.  So let’s say [...]

How Do We Do This?

I want to buy a new home but I need to sell my current home first


I had a lot of questions and comments this week from my recent blog post: Where Are We?
The top question was: 
How do I go about buying a new home when I need or want to sell my existing home first? 

This, of course, is one of our toughest situations right now as it is nearly impossible to find a seller that will accept a home sale [...]

Where Are We?


It has been a just amazing year, actually two.  When I wrote a market condition report for a local bank in January of 2020, nearly 22 months ago, before I knew what Covid was, I made a couple [...]

When Workers Can Live Anywhere, Many Ask: Why Do I Live Here? (from the Wall Street Journal)

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Jarred Roth and Gillian Holdstein outside Mr. Roth's New York City apartment. CREDIT: KHOLOOD EID FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

By Rachel Feintzeig and Ben Eisen
June 17, 2020, 5:24 p.m. EDT

Coronavirus prompts Americans to reassess the need to reside near hot job markets

Gillian Holdstein and Jarred Roth were both in California for business in March when the pandemic hit. So the New Yorkers decided to stay for [...]

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