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Common Winter Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

House in the Winter Surrounded by Snow

Chuck Mangold makes the experience of selling homes pleasant, effective, and rewarding every season of the year. Cold weather and the holiday season present their own unique set of problems. They are easy to mitigate when you know what they are. Here are some common winter home selling mistakes to avoid, and get you started in the right [...]

Tips for Protecting Your Home While Out Of Town

Home With Good Lighting

When traveling out of town this holiday season, there are a few steps homeowners can take to mitigate risks of crime and to keep their homes in proper working order. The time tested traditions of stopping the mail, using timers to turn lights and electronics on and off at various intervals, and having a friend or neighbor check on the home [...]

Best Fall Day Trips in Maryland

A Woman Golfing in Maryland

There are a lot of great ways to spend the perfect day on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Fall is a great time for golf. A round of golf will definitely make for a perfect day. But a day trip might be what you and your family need between rounds. To keep things interesting, you can let the winner decide where to [...]

Tips for Buying a Home Before You Sell

Happy Couple Working With Real Estate Agent

There are many different reasons homeowners choose to buy a home before selling their first home. Sometimes external factors come into play prompting locating to a different state. Sometimes a buyer’s market provides an incentive to land your dream house in the neighboring county within walking distance to your favorite golf course or [...]

Prep Your Home For Fall: Must Do Maintenance Tips

Fall Leaves in Gutter

Are you getting ready to settle down “for a long winter’s nap?” Not so fast. There is a little work to do first. You will protect your home and keep it in tip-top condition with regular maintenance. You can enjoy a nap afterward. Here are some must do maintenance tips to prep your home for fall. When complete you might even sleep through any [...]

Common Staging Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Beautifully Staged Home

Proper staging is essential when you are getting ready to market and sell your home. The biggest mistake you can make is not following the practical and effective staging routine. Staging basics include lawn care, painting, cleaning, depersonalizing, and decluttering. Minor renovations are helpful, major renovations need additional [...]

Chuck Featured on Podcast Your Valuable Home!

Chuck chats with Kevin & Ron regarding the past, present & future of Talbot County real estate, particularly Easton.


In the Replay today, Kevin gets into a big issue for fraud by roofers. Why is it happening? The Horror Story today is about Dave’s frustration with the paver patio project that just won’t end. In this [...]

How To Maximize Your Pantry Space

Kitchen Pantry Space

Our pantry spaces have developed considerably over the years. In the middle ages, a pantry was primarily where the bread was kept. When settlers arrived in Colonial America they established a food storage section of their homes known as a “buttery”. This was typically in the north corner of a home (where things were a bit cooler) and used to [...]

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