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Tips for Buying a Historic Home

Historic Home in Maryland

Buying a historic home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, there are some essential things to keep in mind when shopping for an antique or historic home. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision when buying a historic [...]

Find Your Dream Home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Family Looking at Beautiful Home in Maryland

Are you looking for a dream home on the eastern shore of Maryland? Look no further! With its stunning natural beauty and vibrant, diverse culture, the Eastern Shore is an ideal location to find that special place. From tranquil water view homes to spacious estates, you’ll find a variety of homes to choose [...]

A Buyers Guide to Home Inspections

A home inspection isn’t always required by a lender (a home appraisal generally is). Nevertheless, it is a very basic and relatively inexpensive step in the home buying process. A prudent buyer will be well advised by their real estate agent to include a home inspection on their formal offer as a contingency. You will inevitably save [...]

A Sellers Guide to Home Inspections

A home inspection is typically paid for by the buyer after you have accepted their offer. Getting your home ready for a home inspection is easy. It’s as simple as cleaning your home, providing clear access to key areas, and keeping the utilities [...]

Leave These Home Projects to the Professionals


There is a great feeling that comes with a job well done. It’s sometimes hard to delegate home projects to other individuals after experiencing the rewarding feeling of accomplishment. But there are definitely some projects that are best left to those with the training, experience, tools, and resources to accomplish the task efficiently and [...]

Winter Moving Tips: Moving with Kids

Moving with Children

Moving a household is a large undertaking at any time of the year. It is often experienced as a loss. You and your family will be losing the daily interactions with the people and places in and around your old neighborhood. When your family includes school age children they will also be processing the loss of favorite teachers and their [...]

Common Winter Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Home in Winter

Chuck Mangold makes the experience of buying a home a rewarding experience. He provides his clients with the information they need to make an educated decision. Buyers move forward in the homeownership process with confidence. Every season of the year has obstacles to navigate. Cold weather and the holiday season present a specific set of [...]

Some events around Talbot County this weekend!

The Christmas Shop

Christmas in St. Michaels

December 9 - December 11


The 36th Christmas in St. Michaels promises to be better than ever with the return and expansion of its weekend of holiday events taking place on the water and in the heart of historic St. Michaels, Md. This year’s events include a Lighted Boat Parade and festive Talbot Street Parade; a Tour


Common Winter Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

House in the Winter Surrounded by Snow

Chuck Mangold makes the experience of selling homes pleasant, effective, and rewarding every season of the year. Cold weather and the holiday season present their own unique set of problems. They are easy to mitigate when you know what they are. Here are some common winter home selling mistakes to avoid, and get you started in the right [...]

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