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Leave These Home Projects to the Professionals

ElectricianThere is a great feeling that comes with a job well done. It’s sometimes hard to delegate home projects to other individuals after experiencing the rewarding feeling of accomplishment. But there are definitely some projects that are best left to those with the training, experience, tools, and resources to accomplish the task efficiently and correctly, this first time. 

We all have a unique set of experiences. Many of us thrive on learning by doing. There are a lot of home repairs you can undertake effectively. And there are plenty of home maintenance books and online instructional videos to help walk us through repairs and minor renovations. But taking on some larger projects (especially in areas where your experience is limited) can lead to unexpected problems that complicate a repair, cause damage to your home, or present health or safety risks you are not prepared for. 

We understand everyone comes to the table with a different set of skills and life experiences, but we would strongly encourage you to leave these home projects to the professionals. 

Electrical Wiring: A mistake in wiring repairs your home could prove very painful when working with 110 volt, and twice as painful (or worse) with 220 volt electricity. And while some states may not require a permit for a homeowner to repair or replace lighting fixtures, portable appliances, or existing outlets, we would strongly encourage you to consider hiring a licensed electrician to avoid damage to you and your home. 

The state of Maryland requires a license for individuals who provide electrical work. The state issues a master electrician license only after an individual is employed regularly for seven years under the supervision of a Maryland licensed master electrician (or a “similarly qualified employee of a governmental unit). Some local municipalities may have lesser licenses such as “general electrician”, “limited electrician” or “low voltage”. 

Plumbing: There are some plumbing tasks a homeowner can undertake without overwhelming risk to your home or body. Unclogging toilets, sinks, and drains with plungers, closet augers, and snakes are pretty straightforward tasks. Medium sized projects, such as replacing sink fixtures and toilets should be given serious consideration before starting. Mistakes during installation can lead to leaking that might not be noticeable until after a leak has caused structural damage. We strongly encourage homeowners to hire a professional plumber to install toilets and larger plumbing issues. 

In the state of Maryland, a person needs to be 16 years old to obtain an “apprentice plumber” license. But that person will need to complete 7,500 hours (over three and a half years of a 40 hour work week) of training under a “master plumber” before obtaining a “journey plumber” license. A “journey plumber” will need an additional 3,750 hours of training before applying for a master plumber license. When hiring a licensed master plumber professional in the state of Maryland you will know the individual has a lot of experience and training under their belt. Delegating a large plumbing job will be money well spent. 

Major Landscaping: Before undertaking a major landscaping project, we strongly suggest you take a step back and consider everything involved. Planting new trees seems pretty straightforward, but you’ll want to understand how the root system will affect your home over time. You’ll want to know how large the tree will grow and how much space it needs. When pruning mature trees you will want to be aware of where branches will fall, and how much damage they could create to your home, automobile, or yourself (if they fall the wrong way). 

Roofing Repairs: How high is your roof? A simple shingle replacement is a simple fix for most homeowners who feel comfortable climbing to the top of a single story home. But injury can result if you fall off the roof. The risk of serious injury increases the higher you go. Roofing professionals are used to navigating various roof heights. They will have proper safety equipment. A roofing professional will make sure the job gets done right the first time and protect your home from damage done by a less than perfect DIY fix. 

Flooring: Home improvement shows make a lot of tasks look simple. And it all happens magically in under an hour, or so it would appear. The programs condense hours and hours of work into a short and efficient segment presented in the program complete with anecdotes and lively banter. And the principal players always involve seasoned professionals. You are likely to find great inspiration and undertake a minor renovation project that looks easy, such as removing old carpeting and installing new flooring. 

What is under that old carpet? Hopefully, you will find hardware floors in excellent condition that only need minor cleaning. You might find just that. But you might find something else entirely. You might uncover a lot of problems. 

A flooring professional will handle carpet removal, sub-flooring repairs, and installation of new carpet, hardwood floors, parquet flooring, or tile efficiently and with expertise. We highly recommend hiring a flooring professional when upgrading the rooms in your home. It will be money well spent. 

Whether you are looking to sell your home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, or find your perfect home here, I look forward to helping with all of your real estate needs. Contact Chuck Mangold today!

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