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How to Choose the Right Size Home for Your Needs

Small House or Large House: What Size Do You NeedAre you planning to buy a home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland? One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right size home. You want a home that is big enough to accommodate everyone living in the home and your lifestyle needs, but not so big that you are paying for unused space. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right size home for your needs on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Your Current & Future Needs

The size of your home should be based on your current and future needs. You need to consider who will be living in the home and your lifestyle, hobbies, and future plans. Do you plan to have children or pets? Do you work remotely and need a dedicated workspace? Do you have hobbies that require extra space such as gardening or wood working? Do you plan to live there for a long time or move out in a few years? Is the home going to be a permanent residence or a vacation home?

Room Count & Size

The number of rooms in a home is not the only factor to consider when choosing the right size. The size of each room matters just as much as the number of rooms. For example, a large family may prioritize having a spacious living room or dining room to accommodate everyone. Or if your hobbies require a dedicated workspace, consider the size of the room you'll need.

You’ll also want to consider the flow of the home. How do the rooms connect and what rooms are used most frequently? A home with an open floor plan may make better use of its space compared to a traditional layout where rooms are more defined.

Storage Space

Storage space is often overlooked when choosing a home. Make sure to assess the amount of storage space that comes with the property, including closets, cabinets, and a garage or storage shed. Do you need extra storage for outdoor equipment or seasonal items?

If the home you are considering does not have enough storage space, consider the cost and feasibility of adding additional storage solutions such as built in cabinets or outdoor storage.

Outdoor Space

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, outdoor living and entertainment are popular features. Make sure to consider the outdoor space that comes with the house, such as a yard or porch, and assess if it is adequate for your needs.

Do you have children or pets that need space to play? Or do you enjoy outdoor entertaining and need space for guests? Consider what outdoor activities you enjoy and make sure the outdoor space can accommodate them.

Maintenance & Utility Costs

A larger home can mean higher maintenance and utility costs. Heating and cooling, water usage, and electricity bills can add up quickly in a larger home. Before you buy, make sure to factor in these expenses and make sure it fits within your budget.

Also keep in mind that larger homes require more maintenance such as cleaning, lawn care, and repairs. Make sure you are prepared for the additional effort and costs associated with maintaining a larger home.

Resale Value

It’s important to consider the resale value of the home, especially if you only plan to live in the home temporarily. A home that is too large or too small for the neighborhood can negatively affect the resale value.

Take into consideration the long term trends in the local market and real estate values in the area. A home that is over or under sized for the market could make it difficult to sell when the time comes. 

Choosing the right size home for your needs on the Eastern Shore of Maryland is a decision that requires careful thought and consideration. It's important to weigh all the factors that come with the home and to accurately evaluate your own needs.

Chuck Mangold can help you with all of your Eastern Shore real estate needs. You can view current homes for sale and then reach out to Chuck for more information and if you'd like to schedule a private viewing.

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