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Top Things to Do in Queen Anne's County for Adventure Seekers

Wildlife on Chesapeake BayIf you're an adventure enthusiast looking for your next thrill, Queen Anne's County in Maryland offers a plethora of activities to satisfy your craving for excitement. From exploring the scenic Chesapeake Bay to partaking in water sports and hiking trails, there's something for every kind of adventurer. Here are some of the top things to do in Queen Anne's County.

1. Explore Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is a treasure trove of adventures waiting to be discovered. Here, you can embark on a sailing trip, go fishing, or simply enjoy the stunning views from the shoreline. There are also several companies offering guided tours, where you can learn about the bay's rich history and diverse ecosystem.

2. Water Sports Galore

If you love water sports, Queen Anne's County won't disappoint. The county's many rivers and the vast Chesapeake Bay provide excellent opportunities for kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet skiing. Local outfitters can provide all the equipment you need, and they offer lessons for beginners too.

3. Hiking Trails

Queen Anne's County boasts numerous hiking trails that traverse various landscapes, from wetlands to forests. The Cross Island Trail, for instance, offers a six mile trek across Kent Island, providing hikers with panoramic views of the bay.

4. Cycling Adventures

Cycling enthusiasts will appreciate the county's extensive network of bike friendly roads and trails. The South Island Trail, which spans over five miles, is particularly popular among cyclists. It winds through picturesque farmland, past historic sites, and along the waterfront.

5. Bird Watching

With its diverse habitats, Queen Anne's County is a haven for bird watchers. The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center is a great place to start, with over 200 species of birds spotted here throughout the year.

6. Hunting & Fishing

If you enjoy hunting and fishing, the county has plenty to offer. Numerous outfitters provide guided hunting trips for deer, turkey, and waterfowl. Fishing enthusiasts can cast their lines in the bay, rivers, and local ponds.

7. Golfing

Queen Anne's County is home to several golf courses, each offering unique challenges and beautiful views. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner, you'll find a course that suits your skill level.

8. Horseback Riding

Experience the county's natural beauty on horseback. Several local stables offer trail rides, lessons, and even horse boarding for those traveling with their own equine friends.

Queen Anne's County is an adventure seeker's paradise. With its stunning landscapes and array of outdoor activities, it's a place where you can immerse yourself in nature and satisfy your thirst for adventure. If you fall in love with the region and decide to make it your home, Chuck Mangold is here to help you find the perfect property. 

View real estate for sale in Queen Anne’s County and be sure to contact Chuck if you have any questions.

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